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Applying the “Fairness Doctrine” to KTVU’s Morning Show

Rep. George Miller

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I just walked in to my kitchen while Rep. George Miller was on with McGowan and the prescient question was asked by McGowan: “what about that fiasco last week on the AIG bonuses, first the outrage and then the discovery that there was a clause to protect them?”

Miller was super defensive to the point of not allowing McGowan to followup on his nonanswer, which he suggested was the risk that Congress would lose their ability to govern the issue if they didn’t respond with the punitive retroactive tax. His outrage rings hollow when McGowan askeded him is he read the 1,1oo page stimulus bill and Miller responded without qualification “yes”.

Essentially what Miller said is that he believed the bonuses were wrong to begin with yet he didn’t object to the provision in the Stimulus bill that protected him because he read “all 1,100 pages”.

This was an opportunity for McGowan to hold a local representative in Congress accountable for what has been revealed as a very public lapse in oversight and governance by the Administration and Democrats in Congress. You will recall that Republicans in Congress unanimously rejected the Stimulus bill with a handful of Democrats who crossed the aisle in a show of bipartisan opposition, Miller was among those unwaverering and enthusiastic in his support for that bill which contains the now infamous provision protecting bonuses that he now wants to punitively tax.

Once again, McGowan allows an opportunity to hold accountable those responsible for The People’s business to slip through his fingers. If McGowan can’t get beyond head shaking “what about that fiasco” as an expression of outrage, what will it take? Miller is a representative from a district in KTVU’s broadcast domain, the failure of local media to cover this issue with specifics and demand answers from local representatives is precisely the kind of media failure and public disservice that inspired me to start writing this blog.

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Written by Jeff Nolan

March 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm

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